MACE Brand Campaign 2017

This ad was created as part of MACE’s 2017 brand campaign.

The Brief: In the convenience store category where every brand is constantly vying for the attention of the consumer, our challenge was to make MACE distinctive. 

“Going the extra smile” has been MACE’s tagline for a considerable time, so the brief challenged us to reimagine this and bring it to life in a new way.

The brief also asked us to consider an agile production style so that we could keep future production costs low where possible, allowing us to create dynamic, reactive content when required, as well tactical promotional advertisements.

The idea was to take MACE’s most well known brand asset, the orange head, and bring it to life. We called it The MACE Face!

Getting your MACE Face on means getting happy. It transports you into another world of colour, vibrancy and fun. It’s a fantasy world where people come alive and dance and where animated elements pop with vigour and vitality.


Our goal was to make MACE distinctive and get people talking.  And it worked!

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