Ballygowan were launching their new soft drink, ‘Sparklingly Fruity’, and required a campaign to advertise the drink.

The problem with launching a new soft drink is communicating what it actually is.

Sparklingly Fruity is quite unlike other flavoured waters out there. It features quite refined flavour combinations and it’s subtle and light. What’s more, the drink is very low in calories, so this was an unavoidable USP.

The solution to communicate exactly what Sparklingly Fruity is came from a particular selection of quite feminine, delicate words and a visual analogy of it being like watercolour paint bleeding into water.

apple_png Lemon_png Rasp&Balck_png




This was a homepage takeover on

This was an idea for the same campaign that didn’t make it to fruition, sadly.

The idea was based around the delicate nature of the drink and influenced by “The Three Graces” from Greek art and mythology.
Each woman would have represented an individual flavour, symbolic of how light and refreshing the drink is.


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Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 16.42.28